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"Our Safe Eats Consultant is a benefit to our team in the effort of maximizing food safety"

Tony Fernandez
Chick-fil-A Roxboro Road


What makes us different 

We asked our clients what the benefit is of using Safe eats versus that of third-party auditors and here's what they had to say!

"Our third-party food safety audit is just an evaluation which is a snapshot view for corporate. Safe Eats consultation is more personal and an ally to provide the knowledge to help us grow in food safety."

Ready to Serve

"It’s more hands on teaching rather than telling us what the problem is or what needs to be done."

"There is a more personal connection. There is an understanding of what we do on a daily basis and can connect and help advise on how to be safe as well as efficient."

"It feels like it’s more personal, we are actually seeing the team grow, and putting in systems instead of just pointing out what’s right and wrong."

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