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Brian Kiser

General Manager at Chick-fil-A Brassfield

I have had the privilege of working with Patrick Hayes for over a year and have seen our food safety scores increase beyond expectations. His services have allowed our operation a greater “food safety” mindset and given our leadership the tools for staff training. His reports are thorough, coaching firm yet intentional, and my team has responded in a very positive manner to his work. Whether inspection feedback is positive or negative, I am confident Patrick has our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend his work, and will readily detail our experience further. 

Nick Stuart

Kitchen Director at Chick-fil-A Gate City

Safe Eats has been incredibly beneficial not only to myself personally but the business I work in as well.   They have been able to provide my staff with something that our local health department could not, and that is education behind why things are the way they are.  He is incredibly professional and has a mind for innovating things within the store to make sure that food safety is at the utmost priority.  If you bring Patrick in on a consulting basis you will not be disappointed in the level of service he provides!  I could not imagine my team being where they are now without Pat!”  

Kait Tromans

General Manager at A Special Blend

Patrick was patient and very knowledgeable about food safety as my co-worker and I prepared to open our coffee shop.  He helped us know the ins and outs of ServeSafe and continues to be a great resource for us.

Why Safe Eats?

Preparing Eggplant

"Safe Eats helps us focus in on areas of food safety that we can teach and explain to our team better. Basically why food safety needs to be number one. Also it hold us accountable to make sure we are setting high standards for our team members."

"Our growth speaks for itself. Patrick has been both a teacher and an accountability partner for our store."

"His visits are instructional. Patrick has the right temperament to find issues and teach best practices. Right guy for the job."

"It allows an expert opinion as well as an outside look into our business."

"It has increased the sanitation and cleanliness within the store. Also has taught our employees how to better keep the store performing at its best and staying clean at the same time."

Chef with Pizza

What makes us different from other third-party audits?

We asked our clients what the benefit is of using Safe eats versus that of third-party auditors and here's what they had to say!

"Our third-party food safety audit is just an evaluation which is a snapshot view for corporate. Safe Eats consultation is more personal and an ally to provide the knowledge to help us grow in food safety."

Ready to Serve

"It’s more hands on teaching rather than telling us what the problem is or what needs to be done."

"There is a more personal connection. There is an understanding of what we do on a daily basis and can connect and help advise on how to be safe as well as efficient."

"It feels like it’s more personal, we are actually seeing the team grow, and putting in systems instead of just pointing out what’s right and wrong."

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